Concrete Placing

At Wohlco Contracting, we have the expertise to place and finish your concrete floor. We place and finish any floor from a small workshop to 25,000+ square foot shop or warehouse floor. We use a laser screed to gain a flat floor. We use ride-on power trowels on our larger floors to obtain a smooth finish. We also have equipment to spread hardener on your floor. We can seal your floor for a water and oil resistant surface. We also provide soft-cutting services for your floor to control cracking.


ICF foundations are the most energy and cost-effective foundations to set your home or other buildings on. We have the experience and equipment to set up and pour your house basement, apartment structure, your commercial office space, or any other project you are considering. We also provide standard concrete foundations for loading docks, retaining walls, potato storages, shops, and many other applications. These foundations can be set on formed footings or drilled piers.

Concrete Floors

We provide forming, placing, and finishing services for almost any kind of concrete floor. So whether it’s for a small workshop, house floor, shop floor, community center floor, church floor, warehouse floor, or grain bin floor - give us a call. We also have extensive experience with vegetable storage floors, with the in floor pipes and cup system or flume and boards.

Laser Grading

We have a skidsteer laser grader that allows us to quickly and accurately complete base prep. We will also grade out your parking area with the correct slope to run water. We can provide accurately sloped landscaping. Give us a call for effortless accuracy.

Laser Screeding

We have laser screeding equipment that allows us to accurately and efficiently execute larger floor pours.

ICF Walls

Wohlco Contracting has experience, training and equipment to construct ICF walls. Our bracing system allows us to build up to 24' free-standing walls.